Acquiring – fast and secure payments

We can offer our customers flexible, secure and innovative payment solutions tailored to any business environment for Visa and MasterCard.

Why choose our acquiring agreement together with our products? 

  • We can help you to analyze your present acquiring agreement and either conclude that you already have a great one or  give you a better one.
  • You receive a contact preference regardless if it is about cashier, payment terminals or acquiring.
  • Choose our package OS Pay One if you are interested in a great offer with acquiring and our payment terminal.
  • All reports and statistics are integrated into one system, we can also offer ImerchantConnect if you are interested in more advanced and detailed acquiring reports.
  • We are able to offer seasonable agreements, if you do not run your business all year round.
  • We offer our customers free advice through e-mail.
  • no hidden fees.
  • ChipXpress och NFC
  • Fast support on multiple languages from experienced and engaged personnel
  • Foreign cards are cards issued outside the EEA
  • We give you our best possible acquiring agreement within 24 hours. Just send us your current acquiring agreement, the card mix and turnover. You can start processing payments within 3-5 days after you have signed the contract.

Are you interested?

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